“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Twelve years ago, Danitza & Esteban Villanueva noticed the absence of a media outlet sharing positive stories of the people and organizations that shape our binational region. They decided to combine their talents to remedy this situation and Giving Back Magazine was the result. It was new territory as no one had ever published a bi-national magazine in two languages and distributed it in two countries! Over the years, they have shared stories of the people and organizations that are making our region better, and how together they are making a difference.


10 Things About Danitza & Esteban Villanueva and Giving Back Magazine

#1 Danitza grew up in Tijuana and was the first woman in her family to graduate from college. Esteban grew up in La Jolla and attended Francis Parker and the Bishop’s School.


#2 The Villanuevas have been happily married for 9 years. They have two pets they rescued – their dog Winky and their cat Maple.


#3 Danitza’s first job was in the Brass Plum Department at Nordstrom while Esteban’s first summer job was installing the computers at Balboa Naval Hospital.


#4 Esteban’s favorite advice is: “The best way to not make something a big deal is to not make it a big deal”.


#5 Danitza’s favorite movie is “Rocky” (the entire series!).


#6 Before the magazines, Esteban worked in the music industry and his productions garnered 13 Grammys.


#7 The Villanueva’s travels have taken them throughout the world and they have been able to share unforgettable experiences together.


#8 The Villanuevas have been able to help organizations from Tijuana form partnerships with organizations from San Diego, allowing them to learn from each other, share exhibits, best practices, and even members!


#9 Danitza and Esteban have created events where 100% of the proceeds help organizations on both sides of the border. They have also shed light on some otherwise overlooked non-profit groups in the region, helping them gain attention and succeed.


#10 Holiday Message from Danitza & Esteban Villanueva:

As we start a New Year, we reflect on where we began and where we are going. Since day one, our focus has been to share the stories of positivity with our ever-changing binational region. Staying true to our commitment, we have been proud to be a vehicle for charitable organizations and businesses to showcase the positive changes they are making for our community.

But what we are most proud of and thankful for, is YOU – our readers, our partners, and our friends who have always supported us, given us guidance, and opened your doors to us. Thank you.


Wishing you love, good health and blessings in 2019!

Danitza & Esteban Villanueva

Publishers of Giving Back Magazine

Giving Back Magazine