“Hablando Sola.”

Daniela Rivera is a beautiful fulltime mom and a writer from Mexico City; she is the author of the books, “Hablando Sola” (Speaking Alone). Rivera shares with us the importance of balancing our lives and how our inner peace and the nutrition of our soul can lead us into a happier healthy lifestyle.

Daniela Rivera was born in Mexico City but grew up in Cuernavaca, Morelos and in Coronado, California. She also lived in Spain for some time and later returned to her native Mexico because she felt the need to reconnect with her origins and learn more about where she is from. Rivera has always been a fan of literature; she started writing her thoughts, ideas, and life events, little did she know that she had already written a book and decided to talk to a publisher to see if they would publish her work. Rivera is now living in Coronado with her husband Jose Antonio Aparicio, and their two kids, Jose Antonio and Luis Felipe.

Rivera believes that everything is connected. Our mental health and nutrition combined with exercise is the balance needed to feel complete and happy. Emotions for Daniela are the basics for everything in our lives. For example, you can exercise and eat healthy, but if you suffer depression or stress, sooner or later you might get sick. “The emotions you keep inside your body will soon reveal themselves” Rivera tells Giving Back Magazine.

A way Daniela Rivera balances life is by always keeping her surroundings stable. She does not like to keep any negative energy or go to bed angry, which is why she always communicates and expresses everything on her mind. “I try to get together with my best friends once a week and of course, I read a lot and never lose communication with my husband and my kids” she shares. Dealing with the daily routine and being a fulltime mother can be hard, but Rivera always tries to take everything at its own pace and prioritizes her obligations. “I thank God that I have great support system at my job and the support of my husband, like I said in my book, ‘It has never been always me’”.