By: Jeff Wiemann, Executive Director, Angels Foster Family Network.

Angels Foster Family Network, finding loving homes for babies and toddlers in foster care. She also knows that for 136 children last year, we did not have a home available. When we cannot place a child, they go into traditional foster care; a system that is often overburdened and may not address the unique needs of babies and toddlers.

Children enter foster care not because of juvenile delinquency, but because of the actions taken by the adults in their lives. Tragically, too many children who are victims of substance abuse, domestic violence and/or neglect come to Angels. At Angels, they focus on healing the trauma that brought the children into foster care while simultaneously supporting their unique physical, emotional and developmental needs.

The specially trained and certified foster families commit to the stable care of one foster child or sibling set. They take a proactive approach to establishing an emotional bond with the foster child in their care. Research shows that if a child does not develop this kind of emotional bond with at least one adult caregiver by the age of three, the rest of their life will often be marred by higher rates of depression and delayed brain development along with failed relationships, education advancement and careers.

For more information on becoming a foster parent visit www.AngelsFoster.Org 

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