Create the Future: Honoring Downtown’s Champions at Annual Awards Gala

Connie cepeda mayor todd gloria shayna gross and jorge balvaneda

The Downtown Partnership recently hosted their annual awards program where they honored the people, organizations, projects and initiatives that are contributing to the exciting trajectory of our urban center. The event whose lead sponsor was SDG&E also celebrated Malin Burnham, several nonprofits and companies who have stepped up for our community and those who are continuing to go above and beyond in their commitment to creating an economically prosperous Downtown.


Recientemente, The Downtown Partnership llevó adelante su programa anual de premiaciones donde rinde homenaje a las personas, organizaciones, proyectos e iniciativas que contribuyen con la excitante trayectoria de nuestro centro urbano. El evento, cuyo patrocinador principal es SDG&E, homenajeó a Malin Burnham, a varias organizaciones sin fines de lucro y compañías que trabajan por nuestra comunidad y por crear un próspero centro de la ciudad.

Creating the Future: Capturing Highlights from the Annual Awards Gala

Azucena valladolid and beto jurez

Azucena Valladolid and Beto Jurez

Betsy brennan with phil and mary rath

Betsy Brennan with Phil and Mary Rath

Celebrating the evening


Claudio burgin amber bertelsen gordon boerner and jay henslee

Claudio Burgin, Amber Bertelsen, Gordon Boerner and Jay Henslee

Erika rojas and miriam vega

Erika Rojas and Miriam Vega

Joshua rogerson ryan tisinger and tom deverell

Joshua Rogerson, Ryan Tisinger and Tom Deverell

Joyce gattas and laurie black

Joyce Gattas and Laurie Black

Linda and mario sierra

Linda and Mario Sierra

Malin burnham and tad seth parzen

Malin Burnham and Tad Seth Parzen

Stephen cushman margie newman tsay peter maccracken and maddy kilkenny

Stephen Cushman, Margie Newman Tsay, Peter MacCracken and Maddy Kilkenny

Tonya torosian and lidia s martinez

Tonya Torosian and Lidia S. Martinez

Victor lopez risa baron and perry daley

Victor Lopez, Risa Baron and Perry Daley

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