Club Amigos de Pasitos is a non-profit organization formed by Mexicans residing in the United States that supports Pasitos Centro Pedagógico. For fourteen years, Pasitos has been caring for the children of Tijuana with autism and special needs, helping integrate them into society and improve their quality of life. They also support investigational studies, public awareness and professional training.

In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculated that 1 in every 88 children was identified with autism spectrum disorders. Children with autism require personalized attention, so each group has teachers, assistants and caregivers. In addition to the regular educational program, children receive therapy in language and behavior, medical treatment, family counseling, group therapy for mothers and workshops for grandparents, brothers and other close relatives.

The goal of PASITOS for 2013 is to build first class facilities to perform educational works in worthy spaces, where children may realize, adapt and integrate totally, in all stages of their personal, familiar and social development. The support of our community through tax-deductible donations is imperative to continue offering support to children with autism and their families, and that is why the generosity of all makes a difference in the life of a child with autism.

Pasitos invites you to join in their Gala Esencias August 25 in the Museum of Photographic Art in Balboa Park (619) 917-7572