GTK-Closing-ThoughtsPart of Your Community

For over seven years we have been proud to feature the organizations, businesses and individuals who are making a difference in this vibrant binational region. Here at Giving Back Magazine we believe in doing the same. On a monthly basis we strive to partner with various non-profits to help bring awareness and further their mission.

This month’s cover is a perfect example of people from San Diego coming together to support The USO San Diego. The most people we have ever had on any cover, these philanthropists believe in helping our military troops and their families. On April 8, we are proud to partner with San Diego Center for Children’s 127th Anniversary Celebration to benefit at risk kids. And on April 12, we partner with The Arc of San Diego for the Jewels of San Diego gala at the Hotel del Coronado with all funds raised go to assist people with developmental disabilities. We strive to inspire you our reader to join us in helping make a difference in our binational region.

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