Chicano Federation of San Diego Hosts 2023 Annual Unity Luncheon


Chicano Federation’s Unity Luncheon is the most important event and the largest fundraiser of the year in its efforts to strengthen and grow its services. For decades, the Unity Luncheon has been a staple event in San Diego bringing together over 500 community, business and civic leaders annually. Besides the fundraising goals, the Chicano Federation brings awareness of all the critical issues and needs in the San Diego Community. The event will take place on May 5, 2023 at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront.

Chicano Federation’s CEO, Liz Ramírez, shared with GB Magazine “The Unity Luncheon is a great opportunity to bring the San Diego community together. We want to be known as the voice of the community and make sure that everyone in the room understands the importance of our work and joins forces with us to meet the needs of our families and children in benefit of all of San Diego.”
For the 2023 Unity Luncheon, the Federation has partnered with award-winning journalist Jean Guerrero to deliver the keynote presentation. Born in San Diego, Guerrero is a columnist at the Los Angeles Times and an acclaimed author.

“We are thrilled to have Jean at the Unity Luncheon. Her talent and her work shine a light on the issues that affect mostly Brown and Black communities and have helped organizations such as the Chicano Federation continue to push for change and make those voices heard,” Ramírez shared.

The funds raised at this event will directly impact the thousands of people that turn to Chicano Federation for support each year, such as Damaris. Damaris enrolled in the “Comienza tu Guardería” program and became a licensed at-home childcare provider. “I am thankful to have gained knowledge, certifications and grants through the Chicano Federation. I deeply appreciate the Federation and all the efforts, care and patience they provide to every individual, like myself. I hope this organization continues to support this beautiful community,” she shared.

The Chicano Federation of San Diego County was established in 1969. The goal was to fight and advocate for the Chicano community suffering from police brutality and the violation of basic human rights. As the organization grew and evolved in response to needs in the community, it implemented a wide variety of programs and services that aim to build resiliency and promote self-sufficiency.

Today, Chicano Federation programs and services address San Diego’s most critical needs by offering subsidized care for infants and toddlers, early childhood education at a preschool in Barrio Logan, healthy meals for over 7,500 children each month, 300 units of affordable housing at nine apartment buildings in Barrio Logan, City Heights, and South Park neighborhoods of San Diego, a workforce development program that has helped thousands of women start family child care homes across San Diego County, and a Community Resource Center that receives over 100 cases monthly. Now, in their 54th year, Chicano Federation is a lead advocate for health equity and ensuring that the well-being of our most impacted communities is a priority in San Diego County.

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Esteban Villanueva