Journey to the Seaside.

The San Diego Food Bank’s seventh annual Chefs, Cork & Craft Gala will be held at the nonprofit’s vast 90,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Miramar on Saturday, April 27, 2019. This year’s gala theme is A Seaside Soiree.


“Jeannie Johnson Bolinger and I are thrilled to co-chair the annual gala that attracts over 500 guests. This year, we will be celebrating living on the California coast. Our seaside soiree theme will feature elegant beachside décor that complements the natural beauty of the shoreline. We want the evening to serve as an homage to our region’s relationship with the coast and sea,” gala co-chair Cheryl Floros shared with Giving Back Magazine. 

The Food Bank’s gala is unique because more than thirty celebrated local chefs, representing restaurants from across the county, prepare the evening dinner for the gala’s 500 attendees. The gala’s chef committee chair, Chef Sara Polczynski of Seasoned Plates shared, “Each chef is designated to one or two tables of guests, and they act as a personal chef, preparing a multi-course dinner with drink parings.”

“The beauty of this event is that the chefs not only volunteer their time, but local companies including Specialty Produce and Bread & Cie donate the food that the chefs prepare for each table of guests. This saves the Food Bank the significant overhead costs normally associated with a charity fundraiser dinner. And these cost savings help the bottom line – providing more funds for the Food Bank to serve those in need,” explains Polczynski.       

“A really fun aspect of the gala is that our guests don’t know who their chef will be until the night of the event. Everyone is in suspense until they arrive at their table and discover the identity of the chef that they have been paired with for the evening. Last year, everyone raved about the amazing food that our talented volunteer chefs prepared,” exclaimed gala co-chair, Jeannie Johnson Bolinger. 

The Food Bank’s annual gala benefits its hunger-relief programs that serve working-poor families, fixed-income seniors, low-income military families, the homeless and children living in poverty. The primary program beneficiary of the event is the Food Bank’s Food 4 Kids Backpack Program which provides weekend backpacks filled with food to elementary school children living in poverty. 

The gala will feature live musical entertainment, silent and live auction items, delicious craft cocktails and hors d’oeuvres during the opening reception, and a break-out lounge and cocktail bar in the Food Bank’s 70,000 cubic foot refrigeration unit.   

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