Sadly, for thousands of children in San Diego County, Stephen’s story is all too familiar. For Stephen, he has a happy ending for his story, for many others, they are not so fortunate. Children like Stephen wake up each day with anguish and uncertainty. They have little chance for a fresh start.


Each time a new year begins, we make resolutions to bring about change in our personal lives, change that gives us hope for a better tomorrow. This year, why not include a resolution to help a foster child?

At Promises2Kids, we help thousands of children like Stephen every year because of the generosity of individuals in our community that are willing to stand up and support a child in need. You can help support Promises2Kids in providing its critical programs to help change the lives of foster children:

  • The Polinsky Children’s Center. As the county’s only emergency shelter for abused and neglected children, Promises2Kids raised the $12 million to build the Center, and each year we provide support to the children cared for by the Center.
  • Guardian Scholars. Education opens the door to new possibilities for youth. Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars engages foster youth in preparing for and enrolling in higher education. By giving college preparatory support, scholarships, mentoring and individual support, foster youth gain the necessary tools to support themselves and become self-sufficient adults.
  • Camp Connect. Promises2Kids reunites brothers and sisters separated in foster care through residential and day camp activities throughout the year.
  • Foster Funds. Promises2Kids understands that foster children often feel alone and isolated. They may go without simple pleasures of childhood such as birthday gifts, cap and gown for graduation, a sports uniform or a musical instrument. We ensure foster children know that they too are heard, special and deserving.

There are over 3,100 children living in foster care in San Diego County

Last year Promises2Kids…

  • Provided support to over 1,000 children who were cared for at The Polinsky Children’s Center
  • Reunited 360 brothers and sisters through Camp Connect who are living apart in foster care
  • Guardian Scholars assisted 60 current and former foster youth in reaching their dreams of higher education

For as little as $10 per month, you can join Promises2Kids Children’s Circle. Your membership will show your commitment to a foster child in our community. Visit for more information or to make a donation today.