Centro-Cultural-Tijuana-Scars-of-the-Faith-Art-of-the-Missions-of-Northern-New-Spain-1600-1821The fascinating artistic heritage, created by the spiritual and cultural enterprise of the New World, is without a doubt a fundamental stage in Mexico’s history. The Old College of San Ildefonso brought to public light a great exposition that can now be experienced at Tijuana’s CECUT. For the first time in Mexico over 130 pieces of paintings, sculptures, textiles, furniture, jewelry, maps and books will reopen a chapter scarcely studied, documented and divulged in an invaluable historic and artistic patrimony. The intense evangelical labor the Spanish missionaries developed on America’s soil can be explored through their distinct Franciscan incursions and Jesuits in far off zones in the difficult terrain of northern New Spain with their sole and vigorous conviction: establish missions and propagate the faith. The result, a new expression in art, a syncretism that today contributes valuable tracks of the history that you’ll be able to admire in this exposition.

July 16th – November 28th