San Diego Leading The Way For Purpose-Driven Enterprise.

The San Diego American Marketing Association (AMA) is partnering with Conscious Capitalism San Diego and the San Diego Nonprofit Association to present the 19th Annual Cause Conference to be held at UC San Diego Price Center September 8th. This year’s theme “Maximizing Your Impact Through the Power of Purpose” will bring together purpose-driven professionals to rethink leadership and make meaningful impact in their lives and businesses.

“It is time to reimagine San Diego not just as America’s Finest City, but as America’s Kindest and Most Purposeful Region. An outcome of this year’s conference is to explore the creation of a Chamber of Purpose for San Diego that can model and mentor purpose-driven leadership principles and practices to positively transform our region,” explains Neville Billimoria, honorary co-chair. He and Daniel Friedland, MD are helping ideate and implement the conference.

Whether from for-profit or nonprofit organizations, leaders who understand the importance of purpose will not only have exceptional performance in their careers, but also positively impact their personal lives. “Now, more than ever, US consumers seek – rather, demand – to purchase from brands that positively impact the world,” David Palmer, President of San Diego AMA tells Giving Back Magazine. According to Palmer, the 19th Annual Cause Conference will also “be a transformative experience for San Diego’s purpose-driven businesses and organizations, including those which aspire to elevate their impact. As a senior marketer, I attend the event to gain practical tools and ideas to enrich brand equity, optimize campaign performance and fulfill our mission. I always leave Cause Conference with newfound inspiration, skills and a meaningful network of collaborative, purpose-minded professionals.”

Join local business executives, nonprofit leaders, marketing leaders, and students as they unpack the principles and best practices of purpose-driven enterprises along with specific takeaways you can actively apply to your organization to grow awareness, engagement, capacity, support and impact. Be a part of the movement to establish San Diego as a leading hub of purpose driven enterprise nationwide!