The Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego serves as a resource for creating Catholic legacies as a special form of stewardship. As a community foundation for Catholics, we assist families and individuals to pass along their Catholic heritage and values to future generations.

We work to encourage Catholic philanthropy and the stewardship of assets to give back to the Lord from the gifts he has provided for us. We make certain that the donor’s intentions are honored, and handle the grants and distributions from the funds.

Estate and Planned Giving seminars are offered to each of our 98 parishes. In these seminars, we teach parishioners how to make a gift from their assets through their wills or estate plans.

The Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego helps build permanent endowment funds for parishes, schools and all other Catholic ministries and organizations. We work with parish and school leaders to grow the endowment funds by encouraging Catholics and others to leave legacies to the endowments. Typically, the original corpus for these funds is not invaded. Earnings from the endowment investments are available to the donor for distribution on a semi-annual basis to Catholic organizations that are near and dear to their hearts.

Once endowments are established, these funds are invested in a manner consistent with Catholic Values Investing (CVI) standards established by the U.S. Conference of Bishops. They are invested in a diversified manner to preserve and grow the endowments. We handle the administrative work for endowment funds and provide grants, upon donor request, to assist our local Catholic community.

In addition to endowment funds, the Foundation also supports the establishment of pass-through donor-advised and designated funds. Both of these fund types facilitate giving and making an impact today, tomorrow and in future generations. Pass-Through Donor-Advise Funds temporary in nature, with funds on deposit from one month to several years. Distributions from pass-through donor-advised funds can be directed by donors to non-Catholic organizations, such as a donor’s alma mater or a non-Catholic charity as long as its mission is not inconsistent with Catholic values. One of the key advantages of establishing pass-through donor-advised funds is that the donor receives an immediate, single tax receipt from the foundation for the gift and then has several months or years to grant distributions to charitable organizations in the future, as desired.