gtk casa corneliaProviding quality pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations

San Diego’s immigrant community includes a large population of women, men and children who face poverty, domestic abuse and other barriers that prevent them from accessing their legal rights to humanitarian relief.

Since 1993, Casa Cornelia Law Center has provided free legal services to thousands of these victims. Clients include those fleeing persecution and torture in their homelands, women and children victims of domestic violence and children who traveled from around the globe, seeking safe refuge.

Last year, Casa Cornelia’s staff and volunteers helped nearly one thousand people from over 50 countries who have legitimate claims to immigration relief. Each client has a compelling story:
Immigration authorities held Marisa, a seven-year-old from Peru, for two years at a juvenile detention facility until Casa Cornelia reunited her with her parents.

Hassan fled Somalia after militias brutalized and murdered members of his family because of their minority status. With the help of a Casa Cornelia volunteer attorney, he was granted asylum.

La Mancha Awards

An image of Don Quixote graces La Mancha Awards, honoring volunteer attorneys who donate their time and talents to helping Marisa, Hassan and many others. The fifth annual reception and ceremony will take place on October 8 at the University of San Diego.

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