gtk symphony

A San Diego based designer has expanded internationally to bring her creative designs overseas thru the power of originality.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Carla developed a keen affection for the arts, which ultimately lead her to her career in design in San Diego. Inspired by her early exposure to raw components and her travels overseas, Carla Pascal Modiano’s designs are instantly recognizable as a mix of rural raw with high?end glitz. The pieces are handmade and boast sophisticated and beautiful pearls with an array of basic materials such as jute and leather.

The original concept that drove Carla to launch CPM Jewelry was to create youthful and luxury pieces with high value and the ability to take any outfit to the next level by simply wearing one of her original pieces. “I identified a gap between the ultra?high?end accessory designers who offer superior quality at the highest prices and lower?end designers whose pieces lack the craftsmanship needed to make their pieces a viable accessory for everyday wear for fashionably conscious women,” she tells Giving Back Magazine.

Today her pieces can be found internationally from Paris to Tokyo to San Diego, where it all began at Melero Boutique and Gallery in Little Italy.

Readers be warned: if you choose to wear a piece by CPM, be ready for the frequent compliments the pieces inspire!