Camillo Magoni is a successful and very respected oenologist in Baja California. He is considered a pioneer of winemaking in Baja, and is very passionate about life. He stays active and knows the value of life from keeping his family united and focusing on achieving success.

Camillo Magoni grew up in Italy and was inspired to become an oenologist by his father’s activity in agriculture and handcrafting wine. Magoni studied at the school of Viticulture and Enology of Alba in Piemonte, Italy, where he received his diploma in 1962. He was then offered to come to Baja California, Mexico to create wine. Magoni doesn’t consider himself a pioneer but he is grateful for the opportunity given and happy about his achievements. Some of these achievements are being the first to plant vineyards in the coastal valleys in Baja, also planting in the desert regions of the Mexicali Valley, the construction of three industrial plants including a Brandy and a Tequila distillery.

“In life, we need perseverance, determination, respect for people and things, harmony with all and humility to learn. My family has always been my priority,” Magoni shared with Giving Back Magazine. Magoni says it is important to orient and guide our children, but also giving them freedom to explore the world. “How many young people reach adulthood without knowing who they are? How many young people are frustrated because they have been forced to follow the paternal profession? I say: do and leave to do.”

For Magoni it is also important to be grateful for our health because, without it, we wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. To be active, he always varies the work day to avoid routine. Magoni works in the field, production, laboratory and offices. He shares that he loves to work with projects “Get up early, enjoy the dawn, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the contact with the countryside, with nature, with clean air, it helps to keep you active.”

Camillo Magoni has enjoyed wine since his youth, always with meals and never in excess. Wine is known from ancient times as healthy beverage and sometimes used as medicine but always with moderation.