Supporting San Diego Police Foundation

Hundreds of San Diegans came together to support law enforcement at the True Blue Luncheon at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina this summer. Attendees were moved by the harrowing and heroic stories shared by police at the San Diego Police Foundation’s annual fundraising luncheon. As a True Blue Crime Fighter sponsor for the luncheon, California Coast Credit Union is grateful for the hard work and sacrifice of our local police and proudly supports The San Diego Police Foundation.

The Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that relies on community support to provide funding to enhance police safety and community outreach. It also funds specialized training and community programs with crime prevention and public safety in mind.

California Coast also sponsors other events that support the San Diego Police Foundation, most recently the Friends of the Badge Luncheon, the Women in Blue Luncheon and the Gold Shield Gala. With the support of its employees, Cal Coastprovides in-kind services for the Police Department throughout the year. In 2018 the Cal Coast Cares volunteer team performed a makeover of the Police Department’s Wellness Unit at SDPD headquarters and donated new and lightly used furniture, TV, shelves and artwork.

California Coast Credit Union and the San Diego Police Department share the same community-focused values and work together with the common goal of improving lives. To show their appreciation, the credit union offers an exclusive lending program to law enforcement in training.

Cal Coast’s Safety Line of Creditwas created in consultation with the San Diego Police Department and provides financial assistance to cadets as they begin their journey into the Police Academy. When recruits start the program, they typically need to paya substantial sum of money out of their own pockets to purchase vital training equipment,and the low-interest line of credit covers all associated costs, such as uniforms, body armor and other equipment.

Cal Coast Senior Vice President of Community & Public Relations, Rene McKee, serves the San Diego Police Foundation on the Women in Blue Executive Cabinet, acting as an ambassador in the community to assist with the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and to support their efforts for better safety measures and practices in San Diego County and surrounding communities.