The Secret Behind Healthy Chocolate

Most people love chocolate. We love its flavor, aroma and texture. In fact, we love it so much that over a billion people eat chocolate every day. Surprisingly, many of us do not realize that at the heart of chocolate is cacao.

Cacao comes from a tree whose origins date back thousands of years to the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica. These ancient cultures used the cacao bean as the main ingredient in a bitter, health-promoting beverage called xocoatl. This beverage was admired for its nourishing qualities and ability to enhance energy and stamina.

What is so special about cacao? This small bean possesses some impressive health-promoting properties supported by science. Most notable is its antioxidant content, some of these human health benefits include:

• Anti-aging effects

• Support of the brain mental function

• Significant energy boost

• Improved immune function

• Enhanced blood-sugar control

• Increased ability to maintain a healthy weight

• Controlled appetite and cravings

• Improved mood and emotional health

So why are most chocolate products not “healthy”? Primarily because of the way their content is processed and what is added. Traditional processing destroys the cacao’s powerful antioxidants and degrades its nutritional content. Xoçai is an industry leader in the rapidly growing category of healthy, dark chocolate and unlike other chocolate you will find, Xoçaí Healthy Chocolate is a treasure-trove of vital nutrients, particularly antioxidants including Xophoria, their new anti-aging cream.

Healthy chocolate awaits you.

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