Katherine Cosmetics.

Katherine “Annie” Finch, founder of Katherine Cosmetics embodies what it means to be a modern woman. Not only is she successful and intelligent but she has a kind heart that drives it all. Her genuine care for those around her, including customers, translates directly into her brand. Annie has always loved all things makeup and has worked her way up through the industry to be where she is today. From unpacking boxes and working at the Macy’s makeup counter, she went on to work for Estee Lauder for over 20 years, during which time she held positions in sales and marketing, leading orientations with influential leaders of every country allowing her to develop an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the industry.

Many years later, Annie has built her very own makeup empire founded upon a genuine intent to empower other women. While it is no secret that the industry has become crowded, Katherine Cosmetics stands out, appealing to those who want to use great, natural products that fit their busy lifestyle. Annie and her team have achieved this by removing the bad ingredients typically used to create products and replacing them with elements like beeswax and vitamin E. Not only do her products glide on smoothly and provide pigmented color but they are gluten free and are not tested on animals. With a growing following, her vision is flourishing and influential new partnerships on the horizon.

Achieving success requires great inspiration, much of which comes from the brilliant individuals on her team and the Katherine Girls who are making a difference in the world. Her passion was first sparked by her family. With four generations of Katherine’s who were forward-thinking women, Annie was ingrained with the ideology that all women are powerful, beautiful and can do anything they put their minds to. She also draws inspiration from these wise words, “Whatever you’re doing, do it the best you know how.” Annie has integrated these values into her own company by establishing the Katherine Girls Ambassador Program creating a platform for a community of young women and men who are striving to be beautiful inside and out by working hard, living full lives and giving back.

Philanthropy is also a cornerstone of her business. Established in the name of her beloved pup, any purchase of Siena’s Highlights donates a dollar to Tender Loving Canine. This business model is seen through a variety of her products from specially designed lipsticks dedicated to her mother and friends supporting their favorite charities, to helping Katherine Girls fundraise for the organizations near and dear to them. She not only believes in giving to important causes but supporting those that individuals close to her are part of. As such, she has also been involved with Miracle Babies and La Jolla Playhouse. In addition to giving back to local organizations, Annie finds time for fun by horseback riding, doing yoga and spending time with friends at Rancho Valencia.