Supporting People with Sight Loss.

Since Braille Institute San Diego first opened in 1993, it has served thousands of people who are experiencing vision loss. Approximately 9 out of every 10 people who come to Braille Institute still have remaining vision; they may have permanent sight loss due to Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa or other conditions affecting their sight.

At Braille Institute San Diego, staff and volunteers are committed to providing a broad range of free services to people of all ages. Through individual sessions and small group classes, students, clients and patrons learn new ways to do the things they love.

Through the center students, clients and patrons:

• Gain techniques that help with everyday tasks through Daily Living Skills classes
• Celebrate life and explore personal passions through a comprehensive Arts & Healthy Living program
• Learn to navigate neighborhoods or the world by taking one-on-one sessions with Orientation & Mobility consultants
• Access audio and Braille books through their award-winning Library
• Schedule no-cost, one-on-one appointments with Low Vision Consultants

Whatever your age or stage of vision loss, Braille Institute has programs and services that can help.

“We have an amazing team of staff and volunteers who provide our students with important programs and services day in and day out,” Jay Hatfield, Executive Director, Braille Institute San Diego tells Giving Back Magazine. Hatfield was recently named Executive Director of the center, following over 25 years of service to the organization.
Hatfield adds that Low Vision Consultations are often the first step many adults take when coming to Braille Institute. These one-on-one consultations are provided by specialists who take the time to understand a client’s particular needs and demonstrate and recommend assistive devices such as special lighting, magnification devices and other visual aids. They also introduce clients to iPads, apps and other technology which have proven helpful for many people who have sight loss.

Another popular Braille Institute program is Connection Pointe. Connection Pointe helps people with no or low vision learn how common devices like smart phones, iPads and handheld digital magnifiers can help them stay connected to the world around them.

To hear from other students who have taken advantage of the free programs and services available in English and Spanish through Braille Institute please call (858) 452-1111 or visit