“In the foothills of San Diego lies a ranch full of men who have finally turned away from the deceit of addiction… these men are growing into who they were intended to be from the beginning.”

In 2013, Genesis Recovery opened its doors with a mission to make an impact on the addiction epidemic by creating a spiritually therapeutic treatment environment for anyone ready to break the chains of addiction. By combining faith¬-based, 12¬-step and clinical modalities, Genesis Recovery has become a leading treatment facility in San Diego, providing the highest quality of care and transitional living after treatment. For over five years, this recognized, evidence-based program has been producing miracles within San Diego and across the United States.

To date, Genesis Recovery has served over 600 men and maintains a success rate triple the national average. Many of these men have gone on to become productive members of society and have reunited with their families and communities. Since its inception, over 100 individuals have been awarded a scholarship for treatment through the “Bless A Life” Scholarship Program which offers treatment to un-insured, low/no income individuals desperately seeking a new way of life, but without financial resources. “Our goal is to be able to treat anyone ready to change their lives regardless of their financial situation. When a person is ready for change, we must be ready to act!”

JJ, a scholarship recipient from 2013 shared with Giving Back Magazine, “I was lost, lonely, broken and afraid. My addiction led me to give away everything worth value in my life including my career, possessions, family, friends, dignity and freedom. Then Genesis gave me an opportunity to pick up the pieces of my life through their scholarship program. They loved me in a way I didn’t think I deserved and taught me a new way of living that helped to save my life. Today I’m a productive member of society with almost 5 years clean. I’ve got my family back, a career, and friends who have become family. My experience with Genesis gave me new purpose in life. Today, I help others recover from the disease of addiction. I am truly, eternally grateful.”

Every man that has ever walked through the doors of Genesis Recovery has been shown the grace, love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ in a unique and effective way. With approximately 200 deaths every day from an opioid overdose, the need for impact on the war against addiction has never been greater. The fruit from one mans transformed life becomes endless when in recovery. It is up to us to give these men an opportunity to grow into who they were created to be. By blessing one life at a time, Genesis Recovery will continue to make a difference within the lives, families and communities affected by the disease of addiction.

“We are truly humbled to be a part of Gods plan to restore the lives of men He loves so much.” For more information, or if you would like to join Genesis Recovery in their mission, please call (619) 797-7319 or visit www.genesisrecovery.com.