BLCI has helped me achieve my goals by motivating me to go to College since I was eight years old. In 3rd grade, when I joined BLCI, we went on a surfing trip and then two weeks later, had our first college fair of the year and I was introduced to Hawaii Pacific University. I was immediately hooked on the college experience of being able to live somewhere new, exploring new hobbies, and learning new subjects. That was the moment I knew that I would do everything possible to go to college.”

Blanca first set foot in BLCI in 3rd grade and enrolled in BLCI’s College Readiness program, following in the footsteps of her older sister, who was also a member at BLCI and is now working and living in Spain. Blanca enrolled in workshops and is now in her senior year of high school, on track to enroll at a four-year University next fall. She is part of many clubs at school and hopes to leave an impact for students who come behind her. Distance learning has restricted what Blanca was hoping would be an exciting last year in school, but she remains optimistic for her future and knows the best is yet to come. Blanca is excited to be applying to several schools, including New York University and Columbia University. Blanca hopes to be an International teacher one day, teaching English to youth around the world, and knows that college will help her achieve this goal.

BLCI instills in each of its students the idea that college is possible for everyone, regardless of status. When asked what advice she would give a friend who is not sure they can go to college, Blanca shared with GB Magazine, “I would tell them that college is possible for everyone, even if your family can’t support you. There are so many scholarship opportunities – as long as you work hard and apply for these opportunities, there is a path for you to attend college.” BLCI is proud of the role model Blanca has become, encouraging others that college is a possibility, and that there is an unlimited future for everyone despite perceived barriers to success.

Through after school programs that begin in the third grade, BLCI’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by preparing underserved students to be the first in their families to go to college. 100% of BLCI students go to college, and Blanca is just one of the many success stories.

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