Celebrating Food And Healthy Living.

Let’s be realistic! The topic of diet has become more complicated, so why not focus on feeling good, healthy, and in harmony?

“Food has power, to see people’s lives being transformed through healthy eating boosts self-esteem, weight loss and creates a physically and mental creates a gratifying feeling in my career,” BalanceDiet Director Alejandra Bernal comments.

The gratifying image of a person when they see results on the scale with more energy and happiness has no price. In August, BalanceDiet opened its doors at the Village Walk in Eastlake, dedicated to celebrating food and healthy living with innovative plans and exclusive natural products. BalanceDiet Eastlake is all about transformation, in a motivational and supportive atmosphere. One can also enjoy the services of ThinSpa which offers body wraps and facials.

“I consider myself a realistic Nutritionist, where I choose to teach my patients how to make healthy and balanced food choices. It is not necessary to have a complicated diet or perfect, or fearing of eating a piece of cake as long as all is in moderation.

It is important to break the bad relationship with food and body and leave calorie counting, clothes sizes, weight and celebrate a healthy lifestyle.