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The home of Responsible Leadership

ALA was founded by Brad and Jenna Ballard, a couple who had a vision of being the first leaders to offer this type of work to the San Diego area while creating a place where others can step into their fullest expression of leadership. They knew it was their calling to work alongside true leaders as they taught them how to develop other leaders. Their stand is that everyone they coach chooses to be a student of life for life. They believe in living their breakthroughs, not just having them.

Their style of leadership has inspired countless leaders to also create their own transformational centers and their ripple effect – or tidal wave – of leadership continues all across the nation. As students progress from self-discovery to breaking through old habits that no longer serve them, they begin making their new habits a lifestyle with repetition, camaraderie and accountability.

Through the trainings they teach their students how to lead effectively, create something from nothing alongside a team of other leaders, and contribute to the team by utilizing their zones of genius. They are given many opportunities to connect with the people around them in ways that may feel new at first, but they soon realize it is who they have always been. Creating authentic and vulnerable leadership in others is their commitment to the world, and their students have created incredible results in their personal and professional lives as a result of the curriculum.

One of the pillars of their curriculum is teaching the power of giving and being in contribution. They also teach how to enroll others and how that becomes a win/win experience. It creates an opportunity for the people around them to consider their own vision for their life and the world.

Since ALA opened its doors in 2016, more than 30 teams have selected an organization to support through their collective efforts and shared commitment to make the most significant impact possible. The selected organizations are usually San Diego or Austin based and they mostly serve populations in dire need including children, veterans, homeless people, and groups of individuals with certain health or life challenges.

ALA’s trainings are designed to give you the tools to create an extraordinary life and they are now offering in-person and virtual training in both San Diego and Austin.

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