OLP Graduates Are Changing the World.”

As the oldest high school in San Diego and the only all girls’ school in the county, The Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) has been educating the next generation of women leaders and innovators for more than 136 years. OLP strives to graduate responsible women committed to serving the needs of the world around them. Getting to know some of the students individually has been a rewarding part of Ann Navarra’s life.

10 things about Ann Navarra & The Academy of Our Lady of Peace

#1 My family home is in Mission Hills and I attended St. Vincent’s Elementary School. The 1950s allowed us to play in the canyons and in the streets and to ride our bikes everywhere.


#2 There are three kids in our family. Yes, I am the middle child and when I was young, I played the accordion.


#3 One morning my Dad asked me how old I was. I proudly answered that I was eight years old. He replied that I was now old enough to come to the family store and dust furniture.


#4 I always enjoy the ambience and waiters at The Manhattan Restaurant in La Jolla. Try the veal chop, my favorite.


#5 For someone who NEVER wanted a dog and is allergic to cats, I thought I was a very happy person. Then I saw a photo of Lola. My Lola is now four years old and follows me everywhere.


#6 Being raised in a close-knit family of Sicilian heritage, there wasn’t much wiggle room. It was pretty simple: live life with integrity, work hard, be responsible, live your dreams, give back.


#7 When I was 16, I became a Candy Striper at Mercy Hospital and was escorted to a room with an elderly lady who was not a happy person. I listened to her long stories and learned that she was really a pleasant person after all.


#8 I was a student at OLP all through high school. After three years of service on the board, I was elected to Chair the Board. That mission in disguise lasted for thirteen more years.


#9 Estella’s background was difficult but she was loquacious, smart, and in need of financial assistance. When I asked what her greatest ambition could be, she quickly affirmed that she wanted to be the first female President of the United States. She was granted one of the scholarships I provide. Estella graduated from OLP with honors and went to Georgetown University on a full scholarship. After her graduation from Georgetown, Estella called me to share that she was gainfully employed and working in the White House.


#10 Funds raised from OLP’s Gala and Auction, Le Cirque, will provide the resources needed to provide an extraordinary education for the students.


Academy of Our Lady of Peace 

34th Annual Gala and Auction

Le Cirque 

February 9, 2019

5 – 10pm

4860 Oregon Street, San Diego