Andrea and Sofia Lopez Velarde, two young and beautiful sisters that I met in my tennis program, have shown their determination and discipline from a very young age to achieve a successful healthy lifestyle. They are now dedicating their passion for exercising and eating healthy to inspire others that they too can have a balanced lifestyle.

From being born in Mexico City to growing up in Coronado, the two of them have studied in different schools. They both attended the University of San Diego High School. Andrea followed to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and Sofia attended Mesa College. Now Andrea works as the head of a Spanish Division for a company and Sofia is a personal trainer and a Dailey Method Barre Instructor.

Creating and finding a niche for their Tan Bikini Brand became an inspiration when people would ask them about their workout and eating habits, leading up to making their blog to not only help but to inspire people. They are aiming to grow their Tan Bikini brand and to help their clients become the best version of themselves. Some of their goals are to offer workout workshops and eating guides, among other things.

Andrea and Sofia both believe that fitness should be a part of everyone’s life and people should not see it as something they have to do, but something that is good for their body. People should also see nutrition as something that will help heal the body. Their daily routine consists of one hour cardio (walking, running, jump rope, cycling) complemented by 45 minutes of weight training, and daily ab routines or Barre workouts. “Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all thing and may not look the same for everyone, but it sure is worth working for”, Andrea tells Giving Back Magazine. Their diet includes drinking lots of water with lemon during the day to flush out toxins and lots of herbal teas.

Favorite places to eat in SD:
• Cafe Gratitude: I enjoy a glorious wrap
• Juice Crafters: Summer meal replacement
• Juice Saves: Avocado toast
• Chloe: Poached eggs with wild mushrooms
• Hane Sushi: Soy paper hand roll with spicy tuna
• True Foods: Edamame dumplings
• El Pescador: The fish of the day with salad and rice

Andrea and Sofia not only have their blog, TAN BIKINI, but also love to share their stunning pictures on their Instagram account @andreasofialv. Their lifestyles are a balancing act between eating clean, and exercise “It’s not a diet, it is a way of life” Andrea shares with Giving Back Magazine.