Vintage Hollywood glamour, meets chic Palm Desert, meets the wildly stunning island of Capri.

Anais Paige California is a luxury ladies apparel line where Vintage Hollywood glamour, meets chic Palm Desert, meets the wildly stunning island of Capri. A love for luxury fashion was instilled in Paige ever since she was a little girl surrounded by her chic grandmothers and her stylish and beautiful mother. Together, they paved the way for her love of and career in fashion. “Growing up it was suede kitten heels with lipstick and stacks of Tiffany celebration rings;” Paige remembers fondly and comments to Giving Back Magazine.

Paige ultimately found her ideal inspiration for Anais Paige California while traveling with her family to the gorgeous Southern Italian islands of Ischia and Capri where she traditionally spends her summers. There, the weather is hot, the sea a crystalline azure blue and the food dripping with flavor. The simple philosophy of “Il dolce far niente” which means “the sweetness of doing nothing” influences life in this region. It is there as well as on her beloved coast of California that she draws from daily. “Inspiration is everywhere!” Paige exclaims. Patterns for her collection come to her from a piece of art or a beautiful tile adorning a staircase, color palettes from lipsticks or from a detail in a painting. She admires the genius of Salvador Dali in contrast to the simplicity in form of American Modernist Architecture. In addition, she is influenced by scenes in films. All of these things are incredibly dynamic and full of nuance. Anais Paige California signature pieces can be worn to breakfast on the patio, or to evening cocktails on the terrace, or to a late night dinner.

“I love the way soft silk folds and drapes; its sensuality and its delicate touch. Known for utmost quality and attention to detail, every one of my pieces is produced entirely in California. My work is less about fashion trends and more about a reflection of my life and lifestyle,” comments Paige.

Evoking the casual elegance and glamour of vintage Hollywood circa 1968, meets the cool chicness of Palm Desert, meets the effortless sophistication of the heart stopping international jet-set island of Capri, Anais Paige California is a luxury line of pure silk and linen garments that are individually hand cut and sewn exclusively in California.

Anais Paige California epitomizes bohemian glamour –timeless, statement signature pieces that are easily worn day or evening. Paired with bejeweled sandals or leather and wooden wedges, a coral necklace or a classic headscarf, Anais Paige California is always the definition of style.

Paige McCready Boer, Designer & Founder

Casual elegance, graceful and effortless in its sensibility defines the vision that is Anais Paige California. “It began in the Spring of 2012 with an inspiration to create a luxury silk line that combined my love of vintage Hollywood glamour meets chic Palm Desert, meets the gorgeous island of Capri,” says Paige Boer, Founder and Creative Director of Anais Paige California. “I wanted modern silhouettes that are sensuous and sumptuous to wear.”

A love for vintage luxury fashion began for Paige starting when she was a little girl surrounded by her incredibly chic grandmothers, and her stylish and beautiful mother. Seeing this graceful beauty in the women she loved paved the way toward her career in fashion. “It was hostess dresses, hand crafted leather kitten heels with a touch of mink, lipstick and stacks of celebration rings all the time! They were style setters and wonderfully influential in my desire for pure simple elegance.”

After majoring in film and completing an MFA in Industrial Design, Paige took some time to travel with her Dutch husband throughout Europe and Asia. She ultimately found her ideal destinations on Ischia and Capri – two overwhelmingly beautiful islands off the coast of southern Italy. “It is simply a love affair…,” says Paige of her enchantment of both islands as well as the coast of California. These places offer extreme beauty and a lifestyle of simply luxury that resonates deeply within my soul, awakens all my senses and influences every aspect of my life – and ultimately what I create.”

Reflecting these passions, every aspect of Anais Paige California is designed, including fabric design and pattern making to hand-cutting, dip-dying and sewing all in California. Paige designs signature pieces made from 100% silk and linen with tremendous attention paid to the smallest details that render each garment a work of fine craftsmanship. By definition, Anais Paige California creates pieces that are the epitome of timeless glamour and grace.