Ana Bernal is a beautiful mother and wife who keeps herself and her family healthy with amazing, nutritious food that you can also prepare at your home. I find great inspiration in women like Ana, who is able to do it all with such grace and a great attitude!

Here is day in her life:

5:30 a.m. Starting the Day

Ana wakes up and has a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and then a cup of coffee with coconut milk. For Ana, physical health is an important part of her routine that helps her balance her life and makes her happier. She works out five days a week. For her exercise, she usually does yoga. After working out, she has avocado toast or eggs with a green smoothie. Then, she wakes up her daughters by 7 a.m. to get them ready to go to school.

9 a.m. Work

Ana has been teaching cooking classes for the past two years, sharing her passion for cooking with her students. Currently, she teaches classes on how to create healthy, delicious meals. As a compliment to her classes, she also has a food blog where she shares many amazing recipes that are available for all of us to try – check out her recipe for a healthy green salad below! Some other projects of Ana’s are exploring gastronomic gems from Latin American countries and opening additional locations for Perfect Balance, a healthy foods café located in Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico.

3 p.m. Afternoon Activities

Ana’s lunch typically depends on the weather. On sunny days, she often makes salads or veggies and maybe some grilled fish. If it is cooler, she likes to make soups and roasted vegetables. During the afternoon, she also supervises her daughters’ homework and likes to be there for their after-school activities. As a way to manage all her commitments, Ana tries to stay mindful and focused on what is happening in the moment. She also strives to always remain positive while completing her daily tasks.

6 p.m. Dinner

Ana spends quality time with her family over a light dinner while watching Jeopardy. Then, after some family time and putting the kids to bed, she goes to sleep around 10 p.m. In her free time, she likes to explore her city. Some of her favorite places in San Diego are Sunset Cliffs for a hike as well as all the beaches. She especially enjoys the view of the Bay from the top of the Hyatt. But her very favorite place since she has been a child is Balboa Park, and who could blame her.

As you can see, we can learn a lot from how Ana plans her day to stay healthy and productive, while still making time for family.


  • 1 cup wheatberries
  • ½ cup shelled chopped pistachios
  • 1 bunch broccolini, halved lengthwise
  • 1 cup snow peas
  • 1 hothouse English cucumber, sliced lengthwise
  • 1 large avocado
  • Microgreens or sunflower shoots

Healthier Green Goddess Dressing

  • ½ cup plain Greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup sour cream
  • 1 garlic clove
  • ½ cup chopped flatleaf parsley
  • ½ chopped fresh chives
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh tarragon
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste

1. Toast pistachios lightly in dry pan or oven.
2. Prepare wheatberries per package instructions. Set aside.
3. Bring a pot of water to a boil and lightly blanch broccolini and snow peas for 30 seconds.
4. Rinse broccolini under cold water and pat dry.
5. Using a vegetable peeler, make ribbons out of the cucumber.
6. Make Green Goddess dressing by combining ingredients in a blender until smooth.
7. Arrange vegetables with sliced avocado and cucumber on serving platter, top
with wheatberries, pistachios, and microgreens and drizzle with dressing.