art-san-diego-latin-film-festivalFor some, no remedy exists for one’s heart in love’s clenches. One moment we are in it, the next we are out – but finding one real love amidst a sea of haystacks makes the unwritten voyage’s arrival more rewarding. But, is happiness a white dress and the groom in his finest or the cosmos aligning, threading the needle that sews your other half?

The capitals of Mexico and Spain are ample with possibilities for serendipity to happen, or stupidity, and in Amor De Mis Amores the two crash, literally. Lucia’s (Sandra Echeverria) preparations for her Mexico City wedding are almost set. Her future husband Carlos (Juan Pablo Medina) departs for Madrid a few days before to fetch his best friend while she finalizes last details. Digitally distracted, yacking away on her phone while driving, Lucia blindly strikes a bicyclist who is wearing a Mexican wrestler’s mask.

Rushing to see if she had killed the disguised victim, Lucia helps him up while he unmasks. Then, as they rise, their eyes lock. Leon (Sebastian Zurita) and Lucia get bit with the love-at-first-sight bug; she just doesn’t know he too will wed soon. Leon’s fiancée Ana (Miramar Vega), which up until the accident was the “love of his life”, is unaware of the facts taking place back in Mexico City.

Two engaged couples, a set of best friends, a pair of cosmopolitan cities, and love’s ever-changing pulse can lead to cures in the quest to find a real love amidst loves.
Amor De Mis Amores is directed by Manolo Caro and makes its presentation during the 22nd San Diego Latino Film Festival.