By Angelica Gavaldon.

Alexandra Borbolla is an equestrian athlete, a great photographer, Counselor, and if it wasn’t enough, she is also an amazing mother and wife. Borbolla shares with us how to stay physically, mentally healthy, and how to achieve balance without feeling guilty. As a mother, I think we can all learn from her and apply some of her wisdom and knowledge to our own lives.

Alexandra was born in Mexico City and now lives in San Diego. From the age of 13, while reading “El Naufrago” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, she began to question the meaning of existence. Later, at the age of 16 while reading Vicktor Frankl’s “Man’s search for Meaning”, she came to the realization that she wanted to help people understand human nature. Borbolla never stopped questioning life; as a mother she questions her motherhood, which lead her to study and get a certificate in parenting and positive discipline. Now she has been coaching parents for 7 years and keeps on studying human behavior as part of the mindfulness community at UCSD.

Also at a young age Alexandra became interested in photography. She loved the idea of analyzing the still moment and the composition of nature. Borbolla has been working for about 6 years now with the French American School in La Jolla doing their videos and photography.

Alexandra maintains her mental and physical heath in balance thorough mindfulness meditation, sleeping 8 hours, exercise, studying, eating healthy, and resting her body; also having fun and laughing a lot. Her daily exercise consists of meditating for about 45 minutes at sunrise, Pilates, running, and horseback riding 3 to 4 times a week. Alexandra has always loved riding horses and she shares that love with her daughter, Emilia. Nutrition is very important for her; her diet consists of drinking a lot water, eating lots of green, and avoiding sugars. Eating well keeps her mind clear and focused.

Not only does Borbolla have a balance health; she also works, is an amazing mother, and wife. Borbolla has two children, Emilia and Sebastian; she takes her role as a mom very seriously and prepares her children for life as they learn from their mistakes. “We need to realize it is our job to give them the skills to thrive” Borbolla shares with Giving Back Magazine. Her husband, Serge Brachet, is always there to support her.

Alexandra shares this advice with all working mothers: “Embrace life and focus, nourish yourself with something you love, and find your passion. You will be a better mom and a better person if you love life.”