Passion Through Art.

Alejandra Phelts is a beautiful woman who has found success through her art and touches lives all over the world with the passion and love she has for her Mexican culture. Alejandra is a perfect example of how it is possible to have it all with a loving marriage, happy family and the ability to successfully maintain her health. While she calls Tijuana, Mexico her home, she travels all over the world to share her art.

Alejandra grew up in Mexicali. In 1998, she began her art studies at the Institut Privé de Philosophie et Théologie Saint Jean in Saint Jodard, France. In 2007, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts at the Autonomous University of Baja California. Since 2001, Phelts has used a varied practice of art installation, photography, painting and drawing to explore the relationship between art, life and memory. Phelts’ work has been shown in more than 40 exhibitions in Mexico, Europe, the United States and China. During this time, she has been featured in:

• The MRAF 2012 Art Basel Week Miami
• Abstracción 13 Museum Felguerez in Zacatecas México
• Salon d’Art Mónaco 2013 Forum Grimaldi Monaco
• Fashion & Art 2015 Museum Soumaya,
• “Lighted Portraits” Sebastian Foundation Gallery
• Permanent placement in the collection of the Mexican General Consulate in Shanghai, China.

In 2016, Alejandra was selected to represent Mexico in the China Hangzhou G20 International Art Exchange Exhibition. For over ten years, Alejandra’s work has been complemented by her volunteer efforts in orphanages of Tijuana.

She also teaches the program “Arte Alimenta” (Art Feeds) based on art education and art therapy that she developed.

Art has had a big influence throughout her life and a significant impact on the lives of others as well. “Art has the capacity of transforming moments in our life. Music, performing arts and painting are incredible filters through which we see reality. If we add allow art into our lives, life gets rich, profound, and full of contentment.” Phelts tells Giving Back Magazine.

Incredibly, Alejandra is able to fulfill her passion through her work while also sustaining a healthy lifestyle through hiking and pilates. To start her morning, she has a green juice consisting of pineapple, nopal cactus leaves, and green vegetables. She also ensures that she gets at least seven hours of sleep so that her creative mind is well rested. To nurture her mental and emotional health, she avoids mainstream media as well as anything that imposes stereotypes of beauty, youth, or skinniness. Lastly, her secret to having a happy marriage and family life is making the decision to lead a fulfilling existence. To this end, she has invested much of her spirit, energy, wisdom, and tolerance into her marriage.

Alejandra shares her philosophy on one of the most important aspects of her happiness and success, her family, “Even though, there are extremely difficult moments, I believe marriage and family are an intellectual, physical, spiritual challenge and the most valuable enterprise of all.”