Danitza Villanueva and Esteban Villanueva are proud to be the publishers of Giving Back Magazine. Esteban and Danitza both grew up in San Diego and Tijuana and have intimate personal understanding of the culture, trends and inner workings of our region. GB Magazine is published each month by Danitza, Esteban and their talented staff.

As we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if anyone approaches you requesting access to an event or pretends to work for us and is NOT listed below, please be informed that they have no relationship to GIVING BACK MAGAZINE.

Please contact us immediately at 619-260-8353 for clarifications or confirmations of valid press status.

REMEMBER- if a staff memeber is not listed here, they do not work for our magazine.

RECUERDEN – si la persona no esta listado aqui, no trabajan para la revista.

Esteban Villanueva Publisher esteban@gbsan.com
Danitza Villanueva Creative Director danitza@gbsan.com
Danett Rodriguez Director of Distribution and Office Manager  
Stephen Sorg Digital Content Manager  stephen@gbsan.com 
Jason Keo  Advertising Director   jason@gbsan.com 
Linda Waisbord Fashion & Style Contributor  linda@gbsan.com 
Jose Luis Venegas and his team Tijuana Correspondent  
Rosario Heer Social Correspondent  
Katie Fisher Social Correspondent  
Sherdellah Anunciado Design  
Jose Martinez Design  
Carolina Wallace Editor  
Sandy Spear Staff Photographer * In Memoriam  
Angelica Gavaldon Contributing Writer  
Alexis Maness Contributing Writer  
Papa Doug Manchester Contributing Writer  
Lori Walton Philanthropy Editor lori@gbsan.com