A Time to Reflect

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During these historic moments, the changed circumstances are giving us an incredibly rare opportunity to learn some challenging lessons. We asked community leaders to take the time to reflect and share with you, our readers the valuable lessons they have learned from this pandemic.

Amidst the crisis our country has been facing, I have discovered within myself, the power of resourcefulness and the ability to adapt to any given situation. A true definition of empowerment
Kristi Pieper
Philanthropist & San Diego Zoo R*I*T*Z Co-Chair

What I learned about myself was more of a reaffirmation – this is what I signed up for and I am the right person at the right place at the right time. Inspired by the words of philanthropist Malin Burnham – it’s all about “Service before Self”.
Jim Floros
CEO San Diego Jacobs & Cushman Food Bank

The pandemic has taught me I can never be grateful enough or patient enough. Tragedy on all sides, and it forced stillness, has brought great focus for me on the fragility of family and time. Gratitude in solitude.
Cheryl K. Goodman
Head of Corporate Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility Sony Electronics

During these very challenging moments, I have learned that I can be patient! I treasure how much the in-person human connection and human touch (hugs!) fulfill me. I miss both terribly!
Lidia S. Martinez
Manager, Community Outreach Southwest Airlines

I have learned to manage fear with information, communication and prayer, and to focus on the
tremendous good in people. My major lesson is that the Power of Love is the greatest force on earth.
Vicki Eddy
Chairman 112th Anniversary Rady Children’s Hospital Charity Ball

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