Father Joe’s Villages.

Your automobile is worth more when it is used to drive change in your community. When you donate a car or other vehicle to Father Joe’s Villages, you help provide critical services to people experiencing homelessness in San Diego including housing, meals, healthcare, job training and more. More than two-thirds of Father Joe’s Villages’ budget comes from private donors, including contributions of household goods, cars and other vehicles.

“If you give money to a national charity there is a filter… and some of that money just doesn’t land in your community. Working with Father Joe’s Villages, I know that all of the treasure that I am able to give is directly working in my community,” Ed Witt, owner of Witt Lincoln and long-time supporter of Father Joe’s Villages tells Giving Back Magazine.

After you schedule your free pick-up, Father Joe’s Villages takes care of the rest, including towing, filling out DMV paperwork and sending you a tax-deductible receipt. Once Father Joe’s Villages receives your car, they work to make the most of your donation by selling it in one of their auctions.

Besides being quick and easy, donating your vehicle can have other benefits. Donors can reduce their taxable incomes using itemized deductions, avoid the costs and difficulties of selling their vehicles and save on expensive insurance and repairs. The primary benefit of donating, though, is giving back to the local community.

The donation of a vehicle can fund Therapeutic Childcare for a child in need, can provide a family shelter and security, even provide for dentures through their Dental Clinic, restoring someone’s ability to eat, speak and find employment.

When you donate your car or truck to Father Joe’s Villages, it is not about you giving someone a free ride, it is about giving them a lift to a better life. Call 1-800-HOMELESS or visit www.neighbor.org to schedule your pick-up today.