Making A Difference.

Nestled along a busy street in the Southcrest neighborhood of San Diego is a haven for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Casa de Milagros, or ‘House of Miracles,’ was founded in 1987; at the time, the only culturally-specific residential treatment program in San Diego County. It is home for up to seventeen residents in recovery.

Not far away, in Chula Vista, a similar home sits on a hilltop. Nosotros, meaning ‘Us,’ was opened in 1992 as a culturally-specific residential treatment facility for men in recovery. It is also home to up to seventeen residents at a time. Both homes are programs of MAAC, a local nonprofit whose mission is to help individuals and families in need find means to self-sufficiency through advocacy and access to high-quality programs, such as Casa and Nosotros.

Both MAAC recovery homes provide a safe environment for adults seeking an alcohol and drug-free life. They help the people that walk through their doors reunite with their families, build job skills and gain employment. Even though the residents at both homes identify primarily as Latino, all adults in need of residential recovery services are welcome.

More than 1100 women have enrolled at Casa since it opened, with twenty-one healthy babies born to mothers who were enrolled. These babies would likely have been born drug toxic if their mothers had not been in the recovery setting at Casa. Over 1600 men have enrolled at Nosotros since it opened. More than 80% were able to find employment upon completion of the program. Both homes have active alumni associations whose members, many who now work in the field of recovery, are committed to helping those that follow them and serve as mentors and role models.

Join MAAC for a community celebration on Thursday, September 8th, commemorating Casa de Milagros’ 30th Anniversary and Nosotros’ 25th Anniversary milestones. For more info, visit