Southwest Airlines Spotlight.

Over the decades Southwest Airlines has established themselves as an organization that cares about their passengers and the communities they serve. From charitable giving and community outreach to environment initiatives, their Team is dedicated to making a difference. As such, they take great pride in recognizing those within the community who share the same goals and have taken it upon themselves to bring about positive change for others. Two such individuals are Mel and Linda Katz.

Linda Katz is well known throughout the region as a dedicated volunteer and activist. For more than 30 years, her willingness to lend her hand to those in need and provide leadership services for local organizations has truly known no bounds. Her contributions to women’s organizations alone is impressive including her involvement as Co-Founder of Women Give San Diego, currently serving as the Chair for the Girl Scouts Gift Planning Initiative, as well as being a member of the Board of Directors for United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council Steering Committee. She is also passionate about reproductive health, serving as a past Board Chair for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest and board member of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Mrs. Katz’ giving transcends nearly all sectors including the arts and education as well.

Mel Katz has also been an influential member of the San Diego community for many, many years. In 1977, Mr. Katz purchased Manpower with his best friend Phil Blair, eventually growing it into the largest of the franchises in the U.S. His role as a business leader has given him a deep understanding of the working class and their needs. As such, he has become a major advocate for the Living Wage, Minimum Wage and Earned Sick Leave movements. Additionally, Mel currently serves as a board member of the UC San Diego Foundation, SD Rotary Foundation, e3 CMC High and inewsource. Similarly to his wife, Mr. Katz has touched the lives of many through countless organizations and improvement efforts by using his influence and resources to make a difference.

With their busy schedules including professional, philanthropic and personal commitments, they travel frequently and have built a great relationship with Southwest. Not only is Linda a frequent customer, but she has worked with Southwest Airlines for various philanthropic and community efforts. Mrs. Katz eloquently describes their relationship with Southwest Airlines to Giving Back Magazine, “We appreciate the frequency, reliability, competitive pricing and friendliness of Southwest Airlines. Not only as our trusted airline of choice but as our community partner, Southwest shares our core values of equity and intentional inclusion.”

The couple have been recipients of many awards. Most recently receiving an outstanding recognition from San Diego Rotary, the Katz’ were named Mr. and Mrs. San Diego 2017. The prestigious award is bestowed upon those who have “contributed outstanding betterment to the San Diego region in a variety of ways over a lifetime”, and we wholeheartedly applaud Linda and Mel for their work.