Mission Federal Credit Union.

Since 1961, Mission Federal Credit Union has been dedicated to strengthening, enriching and improving the communities in which we live, work and play. They partner with schools and over 200 nonprofit organizations directly committed to a healthier, stronger, vibrant and resilient San Diego County.

Mission Fed believes in giving back to the San Diego community. Everyone – from employees at administrative offices to those at 30 branches, plus their families – has a role to play, and it is a role they take to heart. As neighborhood institutions, their branches are involved with their communities where employees are proud to contribute time and resources to help support causes that make a difference.

Their ongoing drive to make San Diego not just America’s Finest City, but “America’s Kindest Region” focuses on a variety of targeted efforts, including:

• Art Appreciation: through sponsorship of the San Diego Museum Council’s Kids Free in October, over 20,000 children have opportunities to experience 43 local art, cultural and science museums.

• Teacher Support: during the school year, Mission Fed’s MAX Out My Class recognizes the dedication and passion that teachers devote to their students, awarding a $200 gift card each week.

• Youth Leadership: Recently, Mission Fed received the highest award the San Diego-Imperial Girl Scout Council can bestow on a company, the Community Partner Award, recognizing that their support helps provide innovative, engaging and affordable leadership development programs for over 23,000 girls.

• Environmental Preservation: Mission Fed’s longtime sponsorship of the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park’s Kids Free in October provided over 162,885 children ages 11 and under with a fun day to learn about animal care and conservation science.

Their more than 218,000 members and more than 540 team members understand that communities work best when they work together.