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At age 13, after years of mental and physical abuse, Nathan and his four siblings entered foster care. Nathan was fortunate to be placed in a single home during his time in foster care, but was separated from his siblings. Though he was in a safe environment where his basic needs were met, he never felt supported or fulfilled.

Nathan was never a priority for his foster parents, and felt like he was “just a foster kid” to them. After unsuccessfully reaching out to them to inquire about college and employment opportunities, Nathan decided his only option was to make it on his own. It was a tough time – he was working hard, but never seemed to get ahead. Things finally changed when Nathan was introduced to Promises2Kids and its Guardian Scholars program where Nathan was assigned a mentor and received a scholarship to assist him in acquiring a Massage Therapy certification. His mentor helped fuel his passion to be of service and personal growth.

Today, in addition to his full time position at Sleep Train, he has his own business, KIPeveryone, and uses the education and mindfulness he acquired in school to work with foster youth – supporting them in ways he was not. This stability has allowed Nathan to reunite his family and become the foster parent to his 12-year-old sister, ensuring she receives the support all children need and deserve.

Promises2Kids is still a constant in Nathan’s life; the family participates in Camp Connect, another Promises2Kids program which facilitates activities with their younger brother, still in foster care.

Promises2Kids creates a brighter future for foster children from the moment they come into foster care and through to adulthood. Providing the hope, support, and opportunities these special individuals need to change their lives for the better…now and for years to come. Programs include A.B. Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center, Camp Connect, Guardian Scholars and Foster Funds. To find out more or to make a donation, please visit us at