Whenever there is an opportunity to give to someone else, take it!

The Autism Resource & Treatment Center (ARTC) isn’t opening their doors until this summer, but they are already helping people get what they need for their loved ones. ARTC will provide a one-stop-shop for autism serving all ages on the spectrum. ARTC’s #1 goal is to meet each person where they are and lift them up. ARTC will also help families/caregivers get what they need to take care of themselves. ARTC believes that we do autism better together!

10 Things About Tracy Sekhon and Autism Resource & Treatment Center (ARTC)

#1 I grew up in Rainier, Oregon, which is a small town of approximately 1,400 on the Columbia River, between Portland and Astoria.

#2 My first job was babysitting for my neighbors. I loved kiddos then, almost as much as I do now!

#3 My favorite restaurant is On The Border. Their sizzling fajitas are amazing!

#4 I’m an avid reader with a huge library of books. I re-read The Four Agreements every year. They’re good reminders and they help me to stay grounded.

#5 I love music and a good love story, so my recent favorite movie is “A Star Is Born”.

#6 We have a golden lab puppy named “Bailey” and she brings so much joy to our home.

#7 My father instilled the importance of helping others from the time I was a young girl. I learned compassion and empathy and throughout my life, I have given as much as I am able.

#8 I have a private pilot license and I fly small aircraft. My most peaceful moments have been flying over the ocean near La Jolla and watching the dolphins play below.

#9 My father passed away when I was 25 and I feel that I honor his legacy by carrying on his giving nature. It’s as though I have been put on assignment to make an impact and improve the lives of others and it fills me up daily!

#10 The proceeds from our Auction for Autism will allow us to complete the build out and open the doors of the first center in San Diego.


Auction for Autism

June 7, 2019

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Bernardo Winery, 13330 Paseo Del Verano Norte, San Diego, CA 92128