“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference” – Frost

PEERS Network was established in 2009 to bring entrepreneurs and executives from across a variety of industries together with a common goal: to give back. By leveraging PEERS’ diverse spectrum of expertise, connections and resources, PEERS’ members work to improve the quality of life in our community by philanthropic engagement and hands-on involvement. As President of PEERS, Tim Callan also strives to inspire a culture of entrepreneurship and innovative thinking by providing mentorship for one another as well as for community members.

Proceeds from PEERS’ upcoming “Casino Royale Gala” will benefit Humble Design – a nonprofit that serves families and veterans emerging from homelessness by transforming an empty house or apartment into a dignified and welcoming home. Humble Design does not just furnish homes, they furnish hope.

10 Things About Tim Callan & PEERS

#1 I grew up in Anaheim Hills, California.

#2 I think everyone should possess humility.

#3 My favorite travel destination was Croatia on my honeymoon. We spent 7 days sailing the islands near Split.

#4 Last year, I ran a marathon and next year, I would like to either hike Mount Whitney or get my pilot’s license.

#5 Skiing is my passion. I try to get up a minimum of 15 days per year – which can be tough living in San Diego.

#6 Exercise – especially being around the ocean with surfing or sailing helps me stay positive on challenging days.

#7 At Callan Capital, we made mistakes in business and have put the wrong people in the wrong role. Through various coaches, we have learned how to build an all-star team.

#8 Part of our mission at PEERS is to coach and help leaders of non-profits manage the charity like a business. We are paying the tuition for Treger Strasberg at Humble Design to attend Harvard’s Nonprofit Management program so she can be a better leader of the organization.

#9 PEERS is always looking for new members. We do a lot of great work with 15 members and could do so much more. If you are an entrepreneur or leader of an organization and want to give back, please reach out to me.

#10 Every year, PEERS picks one primary gala beneficiary. Typically, the charity needs to meet 3 criteria: San Diego community involvement, budget between $1mm – $10mm, and the leader needs to be coachable with a willingness to learn. We require that the executive director attend Harvard’s nonprofit program.

PEERS Network

Casino Royale Gala

September 21, 2019

6 – 11 pm

Point Loma (Location details provided upon rsvp)