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Since 2005, the Lucky Duck Foundation (LDF) has successfully raised funds and awareness for various charitable causes. As the achievements of the Lucky Duck Foundation grew, so did their goals. LDF recognized the opportunity to concentrate their efforts on San Diego’s homeless epidemic to make a more substantial impact. San Diego’s homeless population is the fourth largest in the country and is our number one social service issue. 10% of the homeless population is veterans and 12% are youth under the age of 24.

Thanks to the leadership of co-founder Stephanie Kilkenny, the Lucky Duck Foundation has funded everything from small daily necessities to employment programs, transportation, meals, critical services and large-scale transitional homeless shelters. Since 2017, the Lucky Duck Foundation has created initiatives such as the Community Care Kit Program and has concentrated its fundraising efforts on supporting best in class organizations dedicated to providing aid and relief for individuals and families living on the streets of San Diego County.

10 Things About Stephanie Kilkenny & the Lucky Duck Foundation

1. I grew up in New York and remain close to my best friends from high school and college, despite the miles between us

2. Everyone should possess kindness. Without that, we are lost.

3. Hawaii is my happy place. I also hope to one day travel to anywhere in Africa – Morocco or safari!

4. I am so lucky that I don’t even have a bucket list!

5. “When in doubt… Don’t.” My mom used to say it when I was wrestling with a decision. It keeps me from things that I am not really committed to in my heart.

6. Oliver “chose me” when I went to Helen Woodward Animal Center with a friend who was looking for a puppy. My husband Patrick and I were not really in the market for a puppy, but now we cannot imagine life without Oliver.

7. My brain is full of song lyrics. I can sing along to almost any song I hear. But I struggle to remember people’s names after meeting them.

8. I have a gratitude journal that I try to add five things to each day. Azuñia Tequila also helps me stay positive.  Haha!

9. Life is short. I lost both of my parents when they were 70 years old and I was in my early forties. I got to work on my midlife crisis of reevaluating how I spend my time and energy.

10. The Lucky Duck Foundation urges every member of our community to find a piece of the puzzle on homelessness to spend their time, talent and/or treasure making a difference.

Lucky Duck Foundation
Alleviating the suffering of San Diego County’s homeless