10 Things About Shelly Garcia Jones & Donald Jones and San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm


“Break Your Mirrors”
The San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm started on 20 acres, eight years ago. Agnes Barrelet dreamed of a beautiful place in nature where families could come and spend quality time together. She dreamed of happy animals living freely and without fear or stress. She dreamed of giving people a unique experience, spending time with animals they may not otherwise get to enjoy. Agnes brought her vision to life in the hills of Alpine, rescuing over 200 animals in need of a home and established biological, no-till gardens and orchards to provide for the animals and the community. Shelly Garcia Jones & Donald Jones learned about the Sanctuary on the local news which shared a story about a new potbelly pig family.

#1 Shelly grew up in New Mexico and Don grew up in Michigan.


#2 Shelly’s father had a tremendous influence on her. He inspired her in so many ways that have allowed her to grow into the individual that she is today. Don’s father also had a huge impact on him. Don said his Dad taught him the true meaning of empathy and tolerance.


#3 Shelly & Don have traveled a lot, but Disneyland seems to be their most frequented destination.


#4 Shelly & Don would like to visit Cuba, Spain, and the Northern parts of the United Kingdom.


#5 Shelly’s favorite book is The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. One of Don’s favorite books is Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey by Kathleen Rooney.

#6 Shelly & Don feel that they are both very much products of their respective communities, and it is a privilege to share some of the support that was graciously extended to them with so many others.


#7 After meeting Agnes and visiting the San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm, Shelly & Don felt that Agnes had a very clear vision and plan for rescuing and providing love, safety and comfort for so many animals. Shelly & Don’s visits to the Sanctuary continue to reinforce these feelings, and they have grown to love the community of animals living there.


#8 Agnes and her team are passionate about what the organization achieves and sees its mission in action every day.


#9 The San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm invites every nature and animal lover to visit and get inspired throughout the year.


#10 The San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm’s revenues to maintain operations are generated primarily through visits to the farm, community events, donations and its most important event of the year – the annual fundraiser gala coming up on March 8, 2024 at the Bahia Hotel and Resort.

San Diego Animal Sanctuary and Farm
March 8, 2024
5.30 PM-11 PM
Bahia Hotel and Resort


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