The impossible takes a little longer….

The Jewish Federation creates a sense of community that gives their members the strength to mobilize during times of tragedies like the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh and Poway, and the power to unite in times of joy like Shabbat San Diego and the upcoming JCC Maccabi Games. As a volunteer and a donor, Seth Krosner is grateful that the Jewish Federation has kept him abreast of opportunities and needs they are helping address. This allows Seth to feel part of the greater community, and empowers him to follow his family’s individual charitable priorities. As one of the chairs of the Men’s Event, Seth is working towards making people feel supported, welcome and part of something bigger than themselves. At Federation, they emphasize the “unity” in community.

#1 I grew up in New England in western Massachusetts.

#2 A sense of humor, and a sense of caring are qualities that I think everyone should have.

#3 I love to travel so much; it is impossible to pick a favorite! It is usually the most recent place I have visited. High on the list of places I have never been but really want to see are most of the countries in the Far East.

#4 I would like to someday make a full circuit of the globe in one trip.

#5 I have a dog named Penny that I adopted from the Helen Woodward Center.

#6 Most people don’t know that I am a pretty good cook.

#7 To stay positive on a challenging day, I think it boils down to a sense of humor.

#8 As a surgeon, I am still surprised by the miraculous ways in which the human body works and heals.


#9 I try not to waste time- it is not unlimited! I try to enjoy each day.

#10 Some years ago my mother was diagnosed with the cancer that would eventually take her life. I flew east every few weeks to help my folks during each cycle of chemo. Those visits became a time I look back on very fondly. My family and I were able to really enjoy each of those visits despite the circumstances.

The Men’s Event
Sunday, December 8, 2019
6:00 pm
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines