10 Things About Robin Watkins &
California Schools VEBA


“Go out on a limb – that’s where the fruit is!”
–Will Rogers

The California Schools Voluntary Employees Benefits Association (VEBA) was started in 1993 through the combined efforts of school superintendents and representatives of both the California Teachers Association and the California School Employees Association. VEBA provides health care benefits for education, municipal and public agency employees. The VEBA Resource Center (VRC) has a holistic system that delivers on each person’s specific needs at an affordable cost. Through the VRC, Members have access to resources that aid in their mental, emotional, physical and social health, providing a more-integrated solution to address health and wellness gaps in existing health care models. Robin Watkins, co-chair of California Schools VEBA, ensures that their members are engaged and empowered advocates for their own well-being.

10 Things About Robin Watkins & California Schools VEBA



#1 I grew up here in San Diego. Clairemont to be more specific.


#2 I performed on the flag and drill team in high school.


#3 If I could live anywhere, I would pick Grassington, England (UK)… but I would only live there seasonally… I would never leave San Diego willingly.


#4 Everyone should work in food service for 6 months during or right after finishing school.


#5 I have 2 dogs, both rescues, Alice and Agnes.




#6 I would like to master wine making.


#7 When I have a free moment, I call or start texting one of my friends.


#8 During COVID-19, we have had a lot of education employees reach out for mental health support. Recently, one of our members shared with us that she suffered from terrible anxiety and if it were not for the mental health support she received from VEBA during COVID – meditation, yoga, and techniques to cope with anxiety and reduce stress – that there is no way she would have been able to teach her kids remotely.


#9 At VEBA, we believe in doing the right thing, for the right reason, all the time. I am proud of the support we were able to provide to so many of our members during COVID-19 and am dedicated to supporting them long after this pandemic is over.


#10 VEBA is devoted to the health and safety of our entire community and has just partnered with the County of San Diego to serve as volunteers to help coordinate COVID-19 vaccine distribution to more than 100,000 education employees in San Diego County. We are honored to help school employees in San Diego get their COVID-19 vaccines and believe this is one small way to show our appreciation to the education community, which has remained committed to our children’s learning and safety in the most challenging of times.




California Schools VEBA

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