Creating opportunities for children to become future leaders through quality early education

For 35 years, Robin Layton has served as CEO of Educational Enrichment Systems (EES), which provides high-quality, low and no-cost early childhood education. Growing up, Robin’s single mother worked three jobs while taking college courses. Like many of the families at EES, Robin’s lived paycheck to paycheck so she understands how tough life is for children in families facing economic uncertainty. This isn’t just a job for Robin; it’s a mission that guides everything she does in her professional and personal life.

10 Things about Robin Layton & Educational Enrichment Systems

#1 I grew up in East Los Angeles with my mother and three siblings.

#2 If every child had the gift of self-assurance, the next generation could solve the problems facing humankind today.

#3 The late Wendy Wayne, a leader in early childhood education and my mentor, suggested we live by the words of the Maasai, “And how are the children?” This reminds me that my work must always be done with the children’s best interests at heart.

#4 We have an adorable terrier mix we adopted from the shelter. Riley is 9 years old but acts like a toddler. If you turn your back, she’ll eat everything off the table and then the napkin. She’s lucky that I have a lot of experience working with toddlers and that I find her behavior utterly charming.

#5 I have spent my entire career at Educational Enrichment Systems and I could not be more proud of our team and work.

#6 I keep pictures that our preschoolers have drawn for me on my wall. It reminds me of why we do what we do and focuses me on what matters: the children.

#7 I have learned that I can accomplish far more if I listen twice as much as I speak, especially around people who have been working on issues for decades.

#8 There is no single greater investment than educating children. EES changes the trajectory of children and their entire families by preparing them to succeed in school and love learning.

#9 Tarik was a toddler when his mother enrolled him at EES. Today, Tarik is in college and dreams of a career in science. Because Tarik was at EES, his mother was able to leave an abusive relationship and secure a good job where she has been employed for over 15 years.

#10 EES provides high-quality care and education to more than 1,100 low-income children each year at 21 preschool sites throughout San Diego. A gift of any amount helps provide care for these students during their earliest years, bringing hope for a future of strong leaders!

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