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Since 1920, United Way of San Diego County has been a locally governed, nonprofit organization that focuses on bringing together people, providing resources to assist those in need and improve the quality of life for San Diegans. United Way believes that all children, young adults and families deserve the chance to succeed, regardless of zip code or income. In 2020, United Way will celebrate 100 years of serving San Diego County by highlighting each decade of impact and honoring those who were involved with ensuring children thrive – cradle to career. United Way President and CEO, Nancy Sasaki is dedicated to providing families and children with the support they need to become productive members of society.

10 Things About Nancy Sasaki & United Way of San Diego County

#1 I was born in San Benito, Texas but we moved to Austin, Texas when I was 3. I’m pretty sure that’s when my path to becoming a Texas Longhorn started – Hook ‘em Horns!

#2 You have to treat people with kindness and respect; it’s the only way to see their best.

#3 I love to travel, learn about different cultures and not feel like the world is a small place.

#4 I’m chasing the Northern Lights so my next stop will be in Norway, Sweden or Finland. I was unsuccessful in Iceland.

#5 When I was growing up, we had parakeets. For the longest time, I was sure I could train “Wimpy” to talk but it never happened!

#6 When I got to meet Eric Clapton, I was so completely star struck that I couldn’t remember a single song of his – and I love his music! I’m pretty sure that was my most uncool moment ever.

#7 When I have a challenging day, I think about what is really important in life and how very fortunate I am. I think about our incredible partnerships at United Way and how, together, we are transforming lives.

#8 I believe everyone has great potential but education and family stability early in life can have a huge influence on who can reach their full potential as adults.

#9 I have found that listening to people and acting to resolve their concerns can turn a frown into a smile and a negative into a positive.

#10 Second grader Samuel didn’t turn in his homework and was chronically absent. Samuel recently turned a corner, thanks to United Way’s “Every Student Every Day” initiative. Intern Haley said “He used to have his head down in class. Now, he loves school, turns in his homework every day, holds his head up high and is feeling a sense of pride.”

United Way of San Diego County
100 Years of Serving San Diego