Education is the key to success for homeless students.

San Diego County currently has over 23,000 homeless students and the Monarch School is dedicated to helping them break the cycle of poverty through education. The mission of the Monarch School is to not only educate students impacted by homelessness, but also help them develop hope for a future by providing the necessary skills and experiences for personal success. Monarch has developed an innovative approach to learning that gives students a safe, stable environment as well as wraparound services to meet their basic needs.

High school senior, Michelle has gained skills to improve her life, developed awareness of her emotions, learned healthy coping skills, and explored her passions in order to plan for a life of self-sufficient living. In addition to her studies at the Monarch School, Michelle is in a cadet program with the goal of becoming a police officer.

10 Things About Michelle & Monarch School

#1 I am 18 years old and I am a 12th grader at the Monarch School.

#2 Before coming to Monarch, my family was struggling to get the basics at home like food or clothing. That was really tough for me, thinking every day – what are we eating today or are we even eating at all?

#3 Questioning yourself every day really impacts you and your education. I remember failing a whole year because of it. I was struggling at school, no one was checking in on me, so no one knew. Then, my mom did some research and found the Monarch School.

#4 These two years I have been at Monarch, I have grown since the beginning. Just simply being greeted and welcomed by the staff and making sure we are provided with anything we need has been incredibly helpful.

#5 Coming in to school and the first thing the staff asked was “do I need to go to the boutique, do I need clothes?” I was like, that is so cool, that’s one of the things I needed!

#6 I feel safe at campus and that I can express myself. I am not embarrassed by where I came from and what I’ve been through because my fellow classmates have been through similar things. The staff members understand.

#7 I feel confident, good and happy and I don’t have to hide. When they show they care, it feels surprising – you notice me?! You can see that I’m not okay or that I am okay. At my old school, you could miss school or miss class and they don’t even notice. It feels good to know they care at Monarch and it pushes you forward.

#8 Some of the skills I’ve learned at Monarch are public speaking and being able to connect with other people. Here at the classes, we talk about resumes, time management, jobs and responsibilities.

#9 My life would have been definitely different without Monarch. I wouldn’t know where to start with school. Graduating is the first step to life and your future. I wouldn’t be able to do it at a different school; I wouldn’t be confident.

#10 Monarch raises me up by supporting me and making my dreams come true and I am very thankful for that.

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