“A child can’t be, what he can’t see.”

Walden Family Services assists “hard to place” children in finding loving foster families who are equipped to help them heal from past abuse and successfully transition from foster care into family life, college and career goals. The funds from Wine D’Vine will support foster care, adoption and transitional housing programs and services. Mary Alice Brady was raised by loving foster parents who created a need in her to ensure other foster children receive the same opportunities she had.

10 Things About Mary Alice Brady & Walden Family Services

#1 I grew up playing in the avocado groves, a stone’s throw from where I currently live. I am a product of La Mesa, a graduate of Grossmont High School.

#2 I have been fortunate to travel the world. My husband, Ron, has “Wanderlust” but coming home is the world’s best destination for me.

#3 Having a BIG family is a delight to me. We have 8 kids + spouses, 26 Grandkids and 5 Greatgrandkids. I want to enjoy Great-Great grand babies before I “Kick the Bucket”!

#4 Our chocolate Lab, Lady Godiva’s Walnut, who became, Wally the Wonder Dog or Worthless Wally, when as a puppy he had to be sent back to training camp 3 times! We were so heartbroken when he died that my girlfriends presented me with Lola.

#5 On my birthday 15 years ago, Ron created “Gr’mere’s I’mpossible” for the benefit of the foster children at Walden Family Services.

#6 Ron says I am a “Pollyanna”, I always wake up expecting a great day!

#7 I have always felt I am important to my family, but it was a surprise to be honored by my community.

#8 I have learned safety first—especially when cooking. I have been known to burn up the kitchen.

#9 When Bella started high school, the County placed her in a group home for older foster care youth. Walden Family Services matched Bella with the Martins, a certified foster family who live near her high school. The Martins offered Bella ongoing support and encouragement to achieve her goals. Now a senior in high school, Bella gets good grades, is captain of her school’s field hockey team and is active in clubs and student leadership. Bella will attend college next year, and the Martins will continue to support and mentor her —recently finalizing the process of become her legal guardians.

#10 Everyone should know how to enjoy life and party for a purpose! We have been attending Walden Family Services’ annual fundraiser, Wine D’Vine for years. This has all the elements of a great party—intimate concert, amazing food, fine wine—while benefitting children who truly need our help.

Walden Family Services

Wine D’Vine with a private concert featuring TRAIN

October 11, 2019

6:00 PM

Hyatt Aventine La Jolla