People Helping People

The Chicano Federation creates impactful changes in the day-to-day lives of San Diego families who want to create a safe, stable life for themselves and opportunities for their children. The Chicano Federation positively impacts our community through action, caring and providing resources for those in need.

The Chicano Federation’s 50th Anniversary Ball will bring together hundreds of business and community leaders including Mario X. Sierra, Board Chair of the Chicano Federation. Proceeds from the fundraiser will meet our community’s ever-increasing needs for quality child development programs, affordable housing, and other programs and services that are critical to San Diego.

10 Things About Mario X. Sierra & The Chicano Federation

#1 I grew up in a neighborhood called Shelltown in Southeast San Diego.

#2 When I was 14, I got my first job clearing brush for fire prevention in the East County during the summer. 

#3 We have a dog named Chief, a Chocolate Labrador.

#4 My grandfather would often say; take pride in what you do.

#5 My middle name Xavier, was given to me in memory of my twin brother who passed away at 3 months.

#6 If I could have lunch with any one person, it would be John Wooden, former coach with UCLA. I heard him speak at an event and his comments made a lasting impression.

#7 At 15 & 16 years old, I worked for the Chicano Federation when their offices were located in Chicano Park, so I saw first-hand the direct impact the Chicano Federation has on our community. I also worked for the Shelltown Youth Center on National Avenue and was a co-founder of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Student Chapter at UCSD.

#8 Funds from the event will directly support our child development programs, Barrio Logan pre-school, child nutrition program and our low-income housing rental program.

#9 My mom raised four kids as a non-English speaking, single parent since I was 7 years old. The Chicano Federation gave my mom an opportunity to work in their offices after she retired from sewing clothes and cleaning hotel rooms for many years.

#10 The Chicano Federation provides critical, life-changing services to our very diverse San Diego County community. We have a proud history of representing underserved communities and look forward to strengthening partnerships with other non-profit organizations and businesses.

The Chicano Federation

50th Anniversary Ball

May 11, 2019

5:00 pm

The US Grant Hotel