10 Things About Lori Fleet-Martin &
the Fleet Science Center

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“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”
– William Shakespeare

In a typical year, the Fleet Science Center provides 215,000 hours of science instruction and experiences to students through their many education and community programs. That is equivalent to the number of hours of science instruction provided annually by seven elementary schools. The Fleet Science Center reopened to the public on April 9 with a new exhibition, Design Zone, featuring exhibits that highlight the relationship between mathematical thinking and the creative process. The Heikoff Giant Dome Theater is also open and showing films Friday through Monday, including Great Bear Rainforest, which tells the story of the fabled all-white Spirit Bear and its ancient forest home. As a Trustee Emeriti of the Fleet Science Center and an active member of their Advisory Council as well as the Gala Committee, Lori Fleet-Martin is carrying on her family’s legacy at the Fleet.

10 Things About Lori Fleet-Martin & the Fleet Science Center


#1 I grew up right here in San Diego, mostly in the Point Loma area. My father was a home design/builder, so we moved quite a bit during my childhood.


#2 Luckily, our two daughters live close by and our two granddaughters are here. Another big bonus is having my parents live right up the street. But our other special place is the South shore of Kauai where we have been going the past 45 years.


#3 I read the Complete Works of Shakespeare just out of High School.


#4 I am a night person for sure! That is when I get most of my work done or just enjoy a quiet house.


#5 We have always had cats and I love their independence. We have Batman, who pretty much rules the “kingdom.” We also adopted three kittens last year that have provided hours of entertainment and cuddles.



#6 I love to cook and we have family meals together every weekend. I did some virtual cooking classes last year and learned to make a delicious bone marrow risotto.


#7 My husband always makes fun of me because I have never been competitive in sports, but I am in other things in life. I loved playing tennis when I was younger and sailing for recreation.


#8 I love to enjoy our backyard either gardening, reading a book or just simply smelling the flowers.


#9 I would like to see people not only be truthful to themselves, but to be truthful to others.


#10 The Reuben H. Fleet Foundation is sponsoring the virtual gala by matching all donations to Mystery at the Museum 1 to 1 up to $200,000. These funds will support the reopening of the museum and the Fleet Science Center’s vitally important education programs.



Fleet Science Center
Mystery at the Museum
June 5, 2021
6 PM
Virtual Event

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