Life is hard at times, but the reward is great!

The Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund was created by the USD Alumni Association Board as a way for alumni to support their alma mater. The fund is supported through individual donations, as well as the USD Wine Classic which to date, has generated more than $650,000. As President of USD’s Alumni Association Board of Directors, Kim Alessio helps award the scholarships based on academic achievement and campus involvement.


10 Things About Kim Alessio & University of San Diego

#1 I had the great fortune of growing up in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

#2 The University of San Diego recently began a travel program for alumni. My husband, Marco, and I are taking advantage of the opportunity to visit Oberammergau next July to see the Passion Play followed by a cruise down the Blue Danube.

#3 Climbing Machu Picchu one day is at the top of my bucket list.

#4 My home is not full unless there is a dog in the house. We have two rescue dogs, Penny and Mia, and a cat named Delores. It is true that rescued animals make the best pets.

#5 I wish I could ask my dogs why they continue to bark at the UPS driver?

#6 At the age of 20, during my junior year at USD, I suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I spent months in the hospital, followed by a year of rehabilitation from full-body paralysis.

#7 Having had Guillain-Barre, I was faced with a significant challenge early in life. I learned to view problems as challenges and, though the climb may seem impossible at times, there is always an end. I am also blessed with a wonderful supportive family and great “crazy” girlfriends who always have my back.

#8 The goodness of others when you least expect it has surprised me most in life.

#9 I view negative situations as learning opportunities that lead to self-growth. My Dad was an inspiration to me as he never referred to a disturbing issue as a ‘problem,’ but instead characterized it as a challenge.

#10 One of the biggest highlights of serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors is getting to hear directly from students who have benefited from USD’s scholarship programs. One student, in particular, stands out because she received the Kyle O’Connell Memorial Scholarship, given in memory of the son of two alumni, who bravely battled cancer in his childhood. The recipient’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer, which motivated the student to pursue a career in medical research. Her passion was an inspirational way to remind our board members why we serve.

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